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I’m Jerome Mclean from Raleigh. Everyone except a select few enablers call me an embarrassment to honest, hard working black men around the world. Those that know me well call me “Shit Stain Mclean.” Others know me as Inmate 896178. My friends call me “Rome”….presumably because just like the ancient city, my downfall was corruption.

I’m an often-arrested, sometimes imprisoned, multi-time felon. I’ve been arrested so many times I’ve lost count. My most recents arrests were June 4th, 2023….two on one day! I have been arrested by the law enforcement of at least 3 cities (Raleigh, Garner, Cary) and 3 counties (Wake, Johnston, Hartnett) in North Carolina (see links below for details). If you search my full name “Jerome Chris Mclean” on the NC Judicial hearings website I have been in criminal court over 100 times since 2011 (see image below).

My offenses range from from perjury, identity theft, and fraud to carrying a concealed weapon and cashing fraudulent checks. I have started a variety of sham companies like “The Trademark Zone“, “House of Trademarks, LLC“, “We Elite Sports“, “The Lady Rangers“, and “Jerome Chris Mclean, LLC.” They are used to scam honest individuals out of their hard-earned money with promises of services that are never rendered and charitable donations that are actually false.

I have been arrested over 20 times over a span that stretches 3 decades. I’m the Lebron James of bungled crime. The publicly available telephone numbers associated with my businesses are 919-785-8717 as well 919-578-7409. The publicly available email for my business is


Jerome Mclean 2023 Wake County Mugshot


I was first arrested in the early 2000s. I currently have at least 3 sham companies: “The Trademark Zone“, “Jerome Chris Mclean, LLC” and “We Elite Sports.” My arrest record stretches almost 20 years with offenses ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Pretty much the only times I’m not committing crimes is when I’m incarcerated for committing crimes.

The publicly available address associated with several of my business is 4124 The Oaks Dr  of Raleigh, NC. This is the address listed for “The Trademark Zone” and “Jerome Chris Mclean, LLC.” Do you like that business name? That’s courtesy of my completely unwarranted narcissism.

I’m almost 40 years old and have done little of value with my life. The only thing I’ve proven good at is getting caught for criminal activity like fraud and serving as a human punching bag (check my losing record in boxing).

I’ve been forced to close many of my public personal and company social media accounts as people find out about my criminal activity but I do still have several social media accounts where you can find my habitual felon ass.

Jerome Mclean Wake County Mug Shots

Wake county arrest record for Jerome Mclean of Raleigh
Wake county arrest record for Jerome Mclean of Raleigh

Imprisonment Record for Jerome Chris Mclean

jerome mclean of raleigh public offender information

PARTIAL Court Hearing List for Jerome Mclean

Jerome Mclean Partial Arrest Summary


I have a private instagram account where I laughably chose the username Man of the Year (HAHAHAHA). I also have an incredibly pathetic and unpopular YouTube channel where you can find videos of me jumping around like an idiot and dancing poorly. Best of all, I have a LinkedIn account. On my LinkedIn account I falsely state that I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2008.

But of course you would know I didn’t actually graduate from UNC Pembroke. I’m lying about that just like I do everything else. If you want to verify that I’m lying just send an email to the UNC Pembroke Registrars Graduation team and ask them if they have any record of Jerome Chris Mclean (Date of Birth: 9/3/1984) graduating in 2008. If you’d like, you can click here for a pre-composed email to UNC Pembroke Registrars Graduation Verification office.

This part is a joke because I don’t have any Skills


Being Untrustable

The only things I’ve ever been good at is conning people and cashing bad checks.

Nothing ELSE.

I’m literally good at nothing other than being a fraud. Don’t trust me. Don’t work with me or any of my sham companies.

See Point 2.

No really….I have no skills. I’m a piece of shit human being.

Lifelong criminal Jerome Mclean of Raleigh in a cheap suit

Wannabe Entrepreneur

Mug shot of Jerome Mclean arrest from 2022

Mugshot from October 2022

Johnston County mug shot of lifelong criminal Jerome Mclean of Raleigh

Johnston County Mugshot from 2011 for Fraudulent Check Cashing

Young Jerome Mclean of Raleigh in early days of crime


jerome mclean throws a football like he does crime - poorly

I can’t even throw a football

Criminal Jerome Mclean (aka "Rome") of Raleigh is a coach for Gridiron Gang flag football

I am a Coach With the Gridiron Gang

Lifelong criminal Jerome Mclean of Raleigh pretending to look like an entrepreneur

Here I am pretending like I’m something other than a shit stain

Jerome Mclean of Raleigh in a Cheap Suit and Douchebag Sunglasses

I love cheap suits

habitual felon jerome mclean of raleigh

I didn’t graduate from UNC Pembroke but I tell people I did